Strategic Issues

the Economic Sector

In Social Sector

1 - Education

  • Constructing and managing model schools;
  • Furnishing and equipping government owned schools (including libraries, laboratories, and other teaching aids and materials)
  • Providing Short-term problem solving Training for teachers;
  • Upgrading informal education centers;
  • Performing school expansion;
  • Establishing and Expanding Technical and Vocational Education and Training centers;
  • Establishing a University College;

2 - Health

  • Constructing Modern Hospital;
  • Furnishing health institutions with medical equipment;
  • Continuous drug and pharmaceuticals supply;
  • Inviting local and foreign medical teams with lowest possible cost;
  • Providing short term trainings on health promotion and disease prevention for health professionals and community

3 - Water Supply

  • Establishing safe water supply (deep water wall, Hand Pump, developing and extending springs);
  • Expansion of irrigation facilities;
  • Developing water facilities for small scale domestic agriculture

4 - Rehabilation

  • Supporting and sustaining orphans and poor families
  • Being involved in natural and human made emergencies;

5 - Capacity building and community development

  • Income generating activities for women and youth.
  • Educational scholarships
  • Trainings
  • Experience sharing visits
  • Support for Community Based Organizations