What we do

All over the country Ethio-Gulf Development Association has 880 Orphan and vulnerable children, 400 students and 400 poor families getting constant support on monthly basis. The support includes in kind support; food item support, uniform and other educational materials, saving support.
1. Food items support
  • This type of support that is provided by Ethio-Gulf to its beneficiaries includes different food items like flour, oil, rice, sugar etc… These food items may vary from place to place based on the need of the community and availability of the items. 
  • The basic problem of Ethiopian community is commonly ‘Need’ related problems like food and shelter. The first victims of this basic need shortage in our community are orphan, vulnerable children and women. Therefore our project, intensively try to address these mentioned types of people under its umbrella.
2. Educational support
1. Students living under middle class in our country usually drop out because of financial problem that hinder them from fulfilling their educational material, school fees and sometimes they need to help families for simply existence issues. 
2. As Ethio-Gulf covers some life cost of these students, they can attend their school successfully. In addition to this. to help them on their psychological wellbeingness, the organization facilitates a personal development trainings.
3. Saving support
  •  Financially week families get a saving support in addition to the in kind support that they get every month. The saving helped people to have a hope in their future in addition to having small emerged businesses.
  • After the completion of household asset protection projects usually, Ethio-Gulf deliver a life skill trainings for beneficiaries that give an awareness for beneficiaries on the way that they utilize their money on the process of starting a new business and strengthening the existing one.