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Water Development

Water is a common property resource and is critical for sustainable livelihoods. To begin with, all households need water for domestic use, i.e. for drinking, food preparation, washing, cleaning, etc. Access to adequate, clean water will greatly contribute to improved health and better productivity. Secondly, there are distinct population groups whose livelihoods are water-based, entirely or to a considerable extent; such groups include artisans such as tanners and potters. Thirdly, water resources can play a significant role in improving food security and household income. Irrigation is the most common means of ensuring sustainable agriculture and coping with periods of inadequate rainfall and drought. Fourthly, water is employed to generate power for use in industry, services, and by urban households.

In Ethiopia, the development intervention is not in equal proportion with population increment. The community forced to receive drink unclean and unsafe water.

So still it will require the cooperation and integration of all stakeholders to provide a cup of clean water. EGDA, as one of partners participated in portable water construction in different parts of the country. These include hand pump and deep well construction.

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Ethio-Gulf Development Association constructed more than 10 hand pump and 1 deep well water in the year 2014 in the western part of the country. t presents this package for interested individuals and organizations to invest on this necessary intervention area to reach these needy society with clean water.

The average cost for one hand pump water is 3000 USD, 10 will cost 30,000 USD.

1 rope pump 200 USD  
1 hand pump 3000 USD  
1 Shallow well 20,000 USD  
1 deep well 90,000 USD  

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