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Seed Provision

One of the most important inputs in agriculture is. Without seeds there is no next season’s crop. The genetic traits embodied within seeds reflect and determine the nature of farming systems dependent on them. The genetic and physical characteristics of seed determine the productivity in line with the use of other agricultural inputs and improved cultural practices within the farming system. Improving the genetic and physical properties of seed can trigger yield increase and lead to improvement in the agricultural production and food security. In order for seed to act as a catalyst in agricultural transformation, however improved seed has to be made available to a broad base of farmers on continuing base. Most farmers still do not have access to commercially processed seed at a nearby retail outlet. Many released varieties have never been widely disseminated.

Most of Ethiopian farmers are known for their old farming methods and machineries. Its not as productive as it should be usually, even if they use very huge area of land and very long time. In addition to the old machineries and oxen they use, the seeds they use are not best ones and less quality. Seeds which are fast growing and highly productive are not locally available as wanted.

Ethio-Gulf Development Association provided improved seed for more than 200 hundred families in the year 2014 in the eastern part of the country with the cost of 12500 USD and presents this package for interested individuals and organizations to invest on this important intervention area to reach Ethiopian farmers with better agricultural productivity.

1 farmer 60 USD  
200 farmers 3000 USD  

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