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There are an estimated 153,000,000 orphans worldwide. Some of these orphans have lost one parent, some both, and some are “virtual” orphans that have been turned out onto the streets by their families. Without assistance these orphans continue in the cycle of poverty, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, prostitution and slavery that haunts developing countries. For children living outside the care of biological parents, the situation is assumed to be the direst. Neglect, discrimination and malnutrition affect orphans more commonly than their peers.

A Unicef report states that in Ethiopia there are 5 million orphans on a population of 90 million with 1.5 million of them HIV/AIDS related case. The rest die because of untreated illnesses, hunger, draught and war. Even if many Non-Governmental Organizations exist in the country to help these orphans in different aspects including education, health, livelihood and giving psycho-social counseling, their support has its own influence in degrading their beliefs and values of life.

Ethio-Gulf Development Association intervenes currently to address the orphan problem without influencing negatively on the values and cultures of all communities in Ethiopia by collaborating with its partners. However, to tackle this problem from the root and assure the reduction of the above mentioned rate of orphan, EGDA planned to open a door for organizations and individuals who would be willing to participate in this package. EGDA is currently running same package with more than 800 children getting

The package will include food provision, school fee and educational materials provision. This would be costing 30 USD. 5 USD will be used for administration cost and the rest 25 USD will be directly invested. In order to have organized interventions and minimize administrative and monitoring cost EGDA will appreciate to have 500 children in specific district. Minimum of two districts will be addressed in this package and the total cost will be 360,000

1 orphan 30 USD monthly 360 USD yearly
1 disrtict (500 orphans ) 15000 USD 180,000 USD
2 districts (1000 orphans ) 30,000 USD 360,000 USD

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