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ALRAHMA International

Rahma is the potential donor for Ethio-Gulf Development Association. It has so many branch offices in the world heading in Kuwait.

It has a vision summed up in:

The global charity ALRAHMA is a civil institution be the first leader in the Arab world in the comprehensiveness of its projects in quantity and quality, geography, and capacity revenues, according to the highest standards of corporate performance.

So as to achieve is the message:

Alrahma International local charity Growing Up Foundation, a global framework, contribute to alleviating the suffering of the peoples to achieve community development and contribute to the rehabilitation of the human in the work areas.

Act in accordance with the core values are:

• Sincerity and impartiality.

• Honesty.

• Proficiency and efficiency.

• Integrity and transparency.

• Cooperation.

• The message of faith and of belonging to the institution.

•  Good manners.

• Justice and mercy.

• Institutional.


Thanks to God and since inception ALRAHMA International has provided support good people from Kuwait and other Gulf, Arab and European countries where it has a good reputation Mercy International is planning the borders of Kuwait to reach interested in the welfare of other countries, and there are some of the achievements of the good during our journey.

Educational  275 schools built

Medical 383 hospitals built

sponsorship orphans, students, families in total  173 106

Homes built for financially week families 4195

different level waters  27 134

livelihood development programs addressed  10827 families

Complex compounds which include dormitories, schools, hospitals, and playing grounds for orphans  143

Good seasons (Breakfast – Christmas bonus – sacrificial) 15 million beneficiaries

Relief is KD 36 million

The most prominent of certificates and awards

During the course of thirty years of global compassion ALRAHMA  got many awards and honors notably:

• First place in the Forbes list of the most transparent charities in the Arab World 2012

• Second place in Kuwait contest prize to enrich the electronic content

• Office for Yemen to the GCC Award for Sustainable Development in 2012

• Leader in Social Work Association for Social Reform of the Council of Ministers of the Gulf Civil Affairs Foundation Award (2010)

• Commander of the Order, the highest medal of honor in Djibouti for the leaders of charitable work and good people of compassion Mtburaei complex development of Djibouti’s Prime Minister Mr. / Dileita Mohamed Dileita (2011)

• Palmyra star of the British University of Oxford University of Kuwait Kyrgyz Award (Mahmoud Kchgra) set up by the Mercy International in Kyrgyzstan started (in 2010)

• Certificate of Alaunmak (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) on the work of the Mercy International Office in Kosovo featured in Kuwait Residential Complex Management (2003)

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