Ethiopia is a major agricultural producer, with 41% of the GDP deriving from the sector. Agriculture contributes to as much as 90% of the revenue from export, while at the same time secures 85% of all employment. The agriculture sector mainly has two components, crop production and animal production.


Animal husbandry mainly works in lowland areas of Ethiopia. Lot of NGOs came up with income generation interventions such as ox fattening, cow, goat and sheep rearing. But, their system works commonly interest based. Those people who consider their culture and value in their life can’t be benefited from these projects. Therefore EGDA designed this idea of providing to give 5 goats for a single household which will cost 700 USD in two districts of each containing 100 households. The total cost for the implementation of the project will be 140,000 USD in the year 2015

1 household 5 goats 700 USD
100 household 500 gaots 70,000 USD
200 household 1000 gaots 140,000 USD

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