About Us


  •  Mission

    In implementing geographically and environmentally feasible development projects, through developing the community’s capacity and creating integration and cooperation to enabling the community to solve its own problems.

  • Vision

    Becoming a leading organization in creating community who can resolve the country’s social and economic problems, Through the communitys active participation.

  • Objective


    • Establish primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and training centers; enhance awareness and participation of the society on education,
    • Establish health posts, health centers and hospitals, contain the dissemination of HIV AIDS other diseases; enhance awareness and participation of the society on health
    • Make the society benefit from modernized animal resource and irrigation development activities and provide agricultural inputs and training,
    • Establish potable water resources and other infrastructures.
    • Provide with relief services and rehabilitate victims of manmade and natural disasters, and
    • Conduct studies contributing in general development and distribute freely to those interested. 
  • Values

    1. Serving the community
    2. Timely Responsiveness
    3. Patriotism                    
    4. Endurance    


  • Non - Government and non- profit organization
  •  Established on January 2008 G.C
  • Worked actively starting from the year 2013
  • Has 25 staffs and 3 branch offices in the three Ethiopian historical cities Jimma and Harar and Kemise